BuddyPress featured on YORGOO Blaster

Copyright © 2011 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at powers YORGOO Blaster Vouliagmeni, May 10, 2009 by Yorgo Nestoridis BuddyPress new perspectives with YORGOO Blaster YN — YORGOO Blaster, the most efficient low cost Search Engine Marketing system has been hooked to BuddyPress in the YORGOO Media Framework. First admin tests are  on the way and here is an invitation for all users to set up and to test YORGOO Blasters on YORGOO Media. The fact to combine YORGOO Blaster with BuddyPress opens new perspectives, namely because of the way we handle syndicated authors: check out the  fast growing members list which gives an indication about the lead generation potential of YORGOO Media. But there is more, much more. YORGOO Media, BuddyPress and YORGOO Blaster a FIRST For the first time we have realized an application which combines high speed lead generation with high tocuh ads delivery. While in the past, lead generation was separated from product marketing, YORGOO Media sets a new milestone in online marketing and business development. Our numbers prove it and we will report about the progress over the next few days. Work from Home good News Home business developers and people working from […]

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Ycademy Online Seminar April 2011

Ycademy Online Seminar April 30 - May 1, 2011

WordPress for Beginners and Pros Our April 2011 Seminar will feature some important Updates as well as new ideas relating to WordPress and WordPress Design and Development. This Seminar is for WordPress Users, Designers and Developers as well. 1. WordPress Today WordPress Powers 10 % of the Web! Its continuous development and the very active…

Semiomantics XO Media Slider goes Mobile

XO with SlideDeck

SlideDeck Pro on Semiomantics XO for WordPress Probably on of the best plug-ins for WordPress is SlideDeck Pro, an full featured media slider, which, in its Pro version, improves WordPress based websites dramatically. The good news is: it displays perfectly on mobile devices such as the iPhone4: Horizontal: More: Vertical again: These are screenshots from…

How to create a Favicon with Photoshop


Create .ICO Files (Favicons) with Photoshop The favicon or icon is part of the customization of a website. The favicons show namely in the browser tabs. Nowadays most browsers will also show .gif and .png icons; the .ico format is preferred by Internet Explorer. A quick and easy way to create a Favicon is by…

Semiomantics Shop for WordPress

Free Home Icons Sprites

Customization : Icons and Graphics Theme and skin specific graphics are contained in the  two respective image folders, one in the theme root and the other in the skins folder. The Home Icon The Home icon, visible in the first tab of the navigation bar is of particular interest as the image can be customized…

Best WP Shop Custom Design


WordPress Shop Theme Customization The week-end was busy with the Ycademy Seminar and the new doors opened by the Seminar Content lead to a busy schedule for our daily calls in the near future. There are two areas of development: 1. WordPress Shop Theme Customization and 2. WordPress Customization fo r the Mobile Web This…

Photoshop Basics Workshop

Photoshop Basics

More Photoshop Basics Tonight’s call will focus on more Photoshop Basics. The goal is to become familiar with more easy to use features to produce more interesting graphics for advertising or product presentation. I am looking forward to an inspiring session :-).

Ute’s Apple Touch Web Clip

Apple Touch Web Clip

Ute’s Apple Touch Web Clip Here some more Apple Touch Web Clips based on Ute Schaedler’s design: By changing the bevel and adding a second channel layer we came to the above. Now let’s add the Gloss to see what Apple might do with the Touch Web Clip: How about some fun? Contrast: Monochromatic: On…

More Apple Touch Icons

Apple Touch Icon History

Apple Touch Icon Design She likes Blue, she likes Gold, she likes Gill Typefaces and she has a long history in Graphic and Web Design. Here is the synthesis to cut a long story short :-): Please consider that these images have been cropped and the resolution is 4 times smaller than on the original…