Branding with Apple Touch Icons


Design your Mobile Brand Your mobile brand is not all that different from what you show on the desktop version of your site. However, the mobile web offers some features which we can use by respecting particular design criteria. One of these features are Apple Touch Icons. Semiomantics Mobile Branding – Apple Touch Icons As…

Apple Touch Icon Tutorial

Web Clip Icons

How to create an Apple Touch Icon – Tutorial Subsequent to yesterday’s call and post, this article shows how to design an Apple Touch Icon following Apple Developers Guidelines. For the purpose of this tutorial we are focusing on Icons for iPhone, iPod and iPad; also we limit the exercise to icons for websites and…

Create Apple Touch Icons and Startup Images

iPhone 4 Screenshot

Get touchy on Apple Tonight’s call will focus on two simple identifiers which are useful on mobile devices, namely on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Apple Touch Icons Apple Touch Icons are identifiers for your web page or application which can be placed on the home screen of devices, such as…

Logo Design with Photoshop

Semiomantics Logo

How to design a simple Logo with Photoshop After a rich Seminar, let’s relax with a simple Logo design at tonight’s call. The exercise will consist in using custom shapes, fonts and styles from Photoshop according to the below samples: Semiomantics Logo A colored version: Semiomantics Logo in Helvetica A neutral version in Helvetica: Semiomantics…

Simple Sprites Menu

Menu design

How to build a fading Navigation with Sprites To build a navigation bar using sprites we need an image (menu design), some CSS code to style the menu area and some HTML code to link the menu to target. Finally we drive the feature with a jQuery. 1. Design the Menu For best design use…

How to use Displacement Masks in Photoshop


Text Effects with Displacement Masks Tonight’s short call will focus on using displacement masks in Photoshop. The below image will serve as an example for our exercise. I am looking forward to seeing you there :-).

New Website for Yorgo Nestoridis


WordPress Based Personal Conversation Oriented Website Here we go again: time has come to change this website and to consolidate it in function of the use visitors make of it. Without changing the performance modules, the interface for visitors needs to change. Also the design will get lighter, the layout more flexible and a special…

3D Text with Photoshop

3D Text with Photoshop

Spectacular 3D Text for Print and Web Tonight’s Photoshop Workshop will focus on Styling text, namely to give text a 3D aspect. The step by step walk-through will serve as an introduction to some spectacular effects and features of Photoshop. Effects and Styles The interest of the exercise is in discovering some smashing effects we…

Best Car Dealer Theme for WordPress

Car Dealer Theme by Semiomantics

Car Dealers Theme for WordPress Car Dealers have specific needs, similar to real estate dealers. While there are few well designed templates available out there, their performance does not live up to Semiomantics’ ambitions. For this reason we have boosted a nice design with custom and Semiomantics Optimization features. Custom Taxonomy Since WP 3 custom…

4 Web Design Tips for Mobile Websites

Web Design for Mobile Devices

Important design Elements for the Mobile Internet Last night’s call dealt with important design elements for the mobile internet and how they influence web design in general. Let’s have a look at some samples: Design with Contrasts Not all smart phones and mobile devices have a crystal clear display as the iPhone. Also the increase…