06 Feb Branding with Apple Touch Icons

Design your Mobile Brand Your mobile brand is not all that different from what you show on the desktop version of your site. However, the mobile web offers some features which we can use by respecting particular design criteria. One of these features are Apple Touch...

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Car Dealer Theme by Semiomantics

12 Jan Best Car Dealer Theme for WordPress

Car Dealers Theme for WordPress Car Dealers have specific needs, similar to real estate dealers. While there are few well designed templates available out there, their performance does not live up to Semiomantics' ambitions. For this reason we have boosted a nice design with custom and...

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Web Design for Mobile Devices

11 Jan 4 Web Design Tips for Mobile Websites

Important design Elements for the Mobile Internet Last night's call dealt with important design elements for the mobile internet and how they influence web design in general. Let's have a look at some samples: Design with Contrasts Not all smart phones and mobile devices have a crystal clear display...

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