Super Yacht Octopus

Super Yacht Octopus

Paul G.Allen parking his Octopus in Vouliagmeni This morning, Paul G.Allan’s Super Yacht, the Octopus was parked in the nice bay of Vouliagmeni. The Co-Founder of Microsoft obviously knows where the world is best! The 126.18 meter long Yacht looks quite impressive in the bay. Considering that the boat was the largest private Yacht when…

Panathinaikos Fans on YouTube


The Best Fans for Panathinaikos Over 3000 Fans have viewed our clip from the Panathinaikos vs. Regal Barcelona Euroleague Game! Panathinaikos Fans are not only dynamic movers during the games but also on YouTube – simply the best! YouTube Stats Our Test Clip attracted over 3000 views by last night (one day) and this morning…

Panathinaikos vs Regal Barcelona


Euroleague: Panathinaikos beats Barcelona Images from a first class Basketball game. Panathinaikos beats Barcelona and enters the Final Four of the Euroleague 2011 Championship. Holy smoke! Imagine a Stadium full of Panathinaikos Fans, Greek spirit and enthusiasm. Imagine the smoky atmosphere of  ‘old days’ sports events like seen in old American movies where people go…

The best Beach in Greece

Astir Beach is the Best Beach in Greece From my previous posts you guessed it: Astir Beach is my number one beach. And every day the dedicated staff and management confirm this statement… since 1960. Basketball World Championship Live at Astir Beach No reason to stay at home to watch the basketball World Championship at…

Classical Architecture in Syros

Classical Houses in Syros The Greek island of Syros bears many treasures, namely when it comes to classical architecture. Here below a nice example which unfortunately I had to shoot from rather far away. Luckily today’s optical zooms on digital cameras have a good range to get some details banned on ‘paper’. Copyright © 2010 […]

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HDR Imaging with Lightroom 3

Testing HDR Imaging with Lightroom 3 High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) is a ” set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods” (Wikipedia). The below exercise is a simple test, using only two images with different exposures.…

Lightroom 3 Presets

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1 Adobe Lightroom 3 Presets

Adobe Lightroom 3 Presets
Just 4 samples using some of my Lightroom presets for the purpose of the Ycademy Seminar.

Author: Yorgo Nestoridis, Media Marketing & Publishing, Founder of YORGOO Publishing, YORGOO Press and Semiomantics.

If …

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