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Semiomantics Facebook Publishing Concept

29 Mar New Facebook Pages Publishing Concept

Facebook Page Publishing with New Timeline [toc] As from March 30, Facebook pages will change their look and features. I have presented the new options at last week-end's Ycademy Seminar. In order to take advantage of the new features, companies, brands or people in general must adapt...

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Ycademy Online Seminar March 2012

21 Mar How to Optimize your Impact on Social and Mobile Networks

Ycademy: Facebook, WP and the Mobile Web [toc] Ycademy Online Seminar This month's Ycademy Online Seminar will take place on March 24 and 25, starting at 1 pm London (GMT) time and ending at 21 pm London time on both days. Some of our developers have asked for a...

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Semiomantics Evo Flash Version 2009

19 Feb Ycademy Online Seminar Photo Publishing with Evo for WordPress

Semiomantics EVO Developer Theme 2 years ago, about at the same time of the year, we have built Evo, an Action script driven Flash photo and portfolio website. This time we will make use of HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script to customize Semiomantics EVO, a Semiomantics development...

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30 Jan The 1001 Faces of Semiomantics XO

XO for WordPress is a responsive, flexible and highly customizable Theme for high performance and excellence in publishing. Developed by Semiomantics since 2007, the XO is mainly used for custom High End sites. A DIY version is available since 2011 at News are published...

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Garden Route Classifieds Image

07 Jan Garden Route Classifieds Directory

Garden Route Classifieds Directory The Garden Route Classifieds Directory has been rebuilt to satisfy the highest optimization standards. The site is the advertising arm of Lalakoi Publishing, allowing advertisers to reach high visibility on search engines, namely on Google. The Design and Purpose The design of the site...

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03 Oct Customizing Post Editing

Customized Post Editing posts and customizing each post from a design point of view is easily achievable with WordPress 3 and a WordPress 3 capable theme. Additional features mean always also additional dangers: namely the danger to mess up clean code. This post's purpose is to test...

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24 Sep Your Personal Newspaper

YORGOO Press Script for your own Newspaper In view of this week-ends Online Publishing Seminar by Ycademy, here are the steps necessary to create your personal newspaper with YORGOO Press and to successfully complete theĀ  curriculum. Choose a Theme for your Newspaper Function of your Target Public select...

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23 Sep Ycademy Online Publishing Seminar

YORGOO Press Development [dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he main disadvantage of YORGOO Press consists in the fact that all users are branded with a YORGOO Press domain link.This has no impact on the performance but it would be an advantage from a branding point of view if we could associate...

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21 Sep Ycademy Online Publishing Seminar

How to Create your Publishing Network The Ycademy September Seminar will focus on building a personal publishing network and then to link it with other networks. The goal is to increase visibility and impact on Google and other Search Engines as well as on aggregators. The Basic...

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