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Vouliagmeni by Night Images

Vouliagmeni Church by Night Image

Vouliagmeni by Night with Full Moon Early this morning. The full moon was announced for 6:18 a.m. and the moon set for about an hour later, just before sun rise. What a good reason to get up early and to get into position on the roof terrasse of the house. A shot at the Moon…

Vouliagmeni Rainbow

Vouliagmeni Rainbow

Rainbow over Vouliagmeni For the first time in weeks (or months) we have seen some raindrops  in Vouliagmeni yesterday morning. As the sky was partially covered with heavy clouds, a rainbow stretched over the town and the beautifull colors revieled nice contrasts. Using the widest angle possible on my point and shoot camera I could not fetch…

Full moon in Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni Full Moon - Blue Moon

Full moon in Vouliagmeni – Blue Moon It was again Full moon time on August 31 – September 1, and as it was the second one in the same month, it was a Blue Moon. Back in 2010 at about the same time of the year I went out to shoot the moon with my…

Superyacht Sapphire in Vouliagmeni

Superyacht Sapphire

Superyacht Sapphire at Astir Beach It’s summer and it’s big yacht time in Vouliagmeni. Some of the most prestigious Superyachts are seen these days just in front of Astir Beach. For the last two days we had the visit of Sapphire, a German built yacht of 74 m, whichhas been sold in April 2011 for…

How to shoot the Moon with a Point and Shoot Camera

Vouliagmeni Moon MAy 4, 2012

Vouliagmeni Moon Photo with Point and Shoot Camera Believe it or not, it is possible to shoot the Moon with an average point and shoot camera. In fact, for as long as you dispose of a reasonable optical zoom (300-400 mm equivalent) and the possibility to switch to manual settings, you should be able to…

Flowers from Vouliagmeni Beach

Vouliagmeni Flowers 4

Vouliagmeni Spring Flowers After a rather cold winter, it’s now getting warmer and sprouting all over the place in Vouliagmeni. Time for a stroll at the beach; the bright colors of the spring flowers attract men and bees. Here just a few images of what the beach is populated with these days: Hope you enjoy…

Kavouri Beach Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni Kavouri Beach Here below some Images from last night’s stroll at Kavouri Beach. The light has changed, summer is over and we now get the warmer fall illumination. Hope you enjoy.