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07 Jan Best Nike Kicks at Global Sports

Best Nikes from Global's New Shop on XO 2011 Global Sports New Shop runs on Semiomantics XO 2011 exposing the best Nike Kicks as well as brands like Jordan, Polo and much more. Global has built a huge online reputation in a short time and the...

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13 Jul Online Advertising Fun

Online Advertising Fun Advertising is fun and fun advertising even a bigger kick. Literally! Global Sports Fun Ads [gallery link="file" columns="2"] Global Sports London, where you buy the best kicks or sneakers at the best price....

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13 Jul Global Sports $1500 Sneaker Artwork

Global Sports $1500 Custom Sneaker Artwork Based on the Custom Made Sneaker we have featured in our earlier post we have asked Bianca Gubalke from South Africa to let that Custom Kick evolve into Artwork. May I call it "Kick Art" or "Art Kick"? Custom Kick Art Advertising...

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12 Jul Custom Made Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers

Custom Made Sneakers Custom Made Sneakers, a Must for You, the young, the in, the fashion conscious and for all people living a trendy lifestyle. Custom Made Swarovski Crystal - the Top of the Top Look at this Kick! The high quality Swarovski Crystals complement your Haute Couture...

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09 Jul Buy Sneakers

Buy Sneakers Online Buy Sneakers and buy them online at Global Sports US in London! Buy Sneakers in Style [caption id="attachment_3062" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Global Sports Shopping in Style"][/caption] At Global Sports the Focus is on Quality, Creativity, Exclusivity and Customer Care. For a shopper, looking for the hottest kicks...

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08 Jul Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal Sneakers Swarovski Crystal Sneakers - where luxury and creativity meet! Where to Buy Swarovski Crystal The place to go is Global Sports US, where your Swarovski Live Shopping experience is unique! Global Sports are the masters of Custom Made Swarovski Sneakers and that's what the kick...

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