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Online Tax Filing by Larrie Perkins

Online Tax Filing by Larrie Perkins Larrie Perkins website Online Tax Filing has moved to the brand new Semiomantics NewsCast Script based on the backbone of WordPress 2.8.1. The Semiomantics Full Pack of NewsCast provides the best and most advanced publishing features Semiomantics has developed or compiled and integrated. Semiomantics NewsCast is the latest YORGOO…

Social Media Marketing Ycademy Seminar

Social Media Marketing Automated Social Media require a good input of time. Be it Blogs, Social Networks or any other Web 2.0 platform where personal involvement is required, the time factor plays an important role as in any human relation based context. Marketing involving social media requires therefore a good dose of planning and a…

Work at Jelly Communication

Work at Jelly Communication Campaign This post wraps up the Campaign Results on Work at Jelly and Communication per Jelly. It demonstrated the Power of Online Publishing of Yorgo Nestoridis and associated sites in a 12 hour Keyword targeted Campaign. Keyword: Work at Jelly Profile: Google Search returns: 12,500,000 Our Google Rankings: 5, 6 and…

Online Tax Filing tests YORGOO Press

YORGOO Press 1 on Larrie Perkins Site Vouliagmeni, February 28, 2009 – by Yorgo Nestoridis One of the advantages Semiomantics Script owners have: they always get our latest creations. Larrie Perkins’ Online Tax Filing and Home Business Tax Benefits site under is the first site where we implement YORGOO Press on a commercial authority website. A smart…

Photoshop Ycademy

Photoshop Ycademy When 10 days ago we started the Photoshop Ycademy for YORGOO and Ycademy members, the program outline looked like a huge task. Today we see, how much can be accomplished within little time by ordinary people making extraordinary efforts. Tonight’s training will be a clean up session to finish up with some basics…

Web Design Workshop by Ycademy

Web Design Workshop by Ycademy The Web Design Workshop by Ycademy helps participants to customize their web sites and to express them-selves with code poetry. CSS style-sheet editing and basic image editing are this week’s topic. Here below is the status of some of the test sites: Web Design by Ute Schaedler [singlepic id=249 w=320…

Miss Garden Route 2009 in Web Design

by Yorgo Nestoridis
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1 Miss Garden Route 2009 in Web Design
1.1 Miss Garden Route 2009 by Ute Schaedler
1.2 Miss Garden Route by Felisa Ryan
1.3 Miss Garden Route by Bianca Gubalke
1.4 Miss Garden Route by Larrie Perkins
1.5 Miss Garden Route by Gene Line

Miss Garden Route 2009 in Web Design
The Miss Garden Route 2009 [...]