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WordPress 3.4 Beta

WordPress 3.4 Beta

WordPress 3.4 Beta Custom Headers and Backgrounds The release of WordPress 3.4 Beta raises a number of problemsquestions for theme designers in as much as Custom Headers and Custom Backgrounds are concerned. The implementation methods via add_custom_background() and add_custom_image_header() will be depreciated and replaced by a more powerful method via add_theme_support(). The impact for Semiomantics…

Showcase Portfolio Photo Theme for WordPress


Media Focused Development for Professionals and Amateurs, The new Semiomantics EVO for WordPress sets new standards for beauty and excellent publishing paired with eCommerce.

Ycademy Online Seminar Photo Publishing with Evo for WordPress

Semiomantics Evo Flash Version 2009

Semiomantics EVO Developer Theme 2 years ago, about at the same time of the year, we have built Evo, an Action script driven Flash photo and portfolio website. This time we will make use of HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script to customize Semiomantics EVO, a Semiomantics development for Developers.    Semiomantics Evo Flash is not…

We are the (Semiomantics) World

Semiomantics for all and the Best Semiomantics, created based on needs arising from YORGOO, a free program for Home Business Builders has evolved to a top notch business, building the probably best WordPress based websites. In fact, this  has nothing to do with WordPress as Semiomantics can be applied to any website. For our demo…

Semiomantics Evolution Combo

Semiomantics Evolution Combo Once we had tweaked our Evolution Flash design to storm Google, we had to start thinking about pairing it with a blog design living up to Evolution visitors. Here is the first sneak preview of what will form the EVO Combo together with the flash sites Semiomantics EVO2 or Evolution. The Evolution…