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The 1001 Faces of Semiomantics XO


XO for WordPress is a responsive, flexible and highly customizable Theme for high performance and excellence in publishing. Developed by Semiomantics since 2007, the XO is mainly used for custom High End sites. A DIY version is available since 2011 at News are published to Facebook at

Mobile WordPress and Shop


Ycademy Online Seminar, February 26 – 27, 2011 This month’s Ycademy Online Seminar will focus on Website Optimization for the Mobile Web as well as on Shop update and integration. Saturday, February 26, 2011: Go Mobile with your Site In as much as Website Optimization for the Mobile web is concerned, we have posted previously…

Branding with Apple Touch Icons


Design your Mobile Brand Your mobile brand is not all that different from what you show on the desktop version of your site. However, the mobile web offers some features which we can use by respecting particular design criteria. One of these features are Apple Touch Icons. Semiomantics Mobile Branding – Apple Touch Icons As…

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WordPress for Mobile by Semiomantics

Put WordPress on Mobile Devices with Semiomantics The mobile web is growing at a breath-taking pace. Mobile devices become more popular and are the ideal tool to consult the internet on the move. Website developers can no longer ignore the mobile market and while the big boys have added a mobile version to their websites…