Semiomantics Web Development

Semiomantics Web Development

How to build a Custom WordPress Site 3

Semiomantics XO Custom Magazine for WordPress

Customizing WordPress Child Theme In this tutorial we will create Custom Post Types and add variables and functionality to them. Also we will add some styling for more user-friendly display in the dashboard. Having set up our basic Child Theme structure we will now proceed with the customization. But before that we will do some…

WordPress 3.4 Beta

WordPress 3.4 Beta

WordPress 3.4 Beta Custom Headers and Backgrounds The release of WordPress 3.4 Beta raises a number of problemsquestions for theme designers in as much as Custom Headers and Custom Backgrounds are concerned. The implementation methods via add_custom_background() and add_custom_image_header() will be depreciated and replaced by a more powerful method via add_theme_support(). The impact for Semiomantics…

Showcase Portfolio Photo Theme for WordPress


Media Focused Development for Professionals and Amateurs, The new Semiomantics EVO for WordPress sets new standards for beauty and excellent publishing paired with eCommerce.

The 1001 Faces of Semiomantics XO


XO for WordPress is a responsive, flexible and highly customizable Theme for high performance and excellence in publishing. Developed by Semiomantics since 2007, the XO is mainly used for custom High End sites. A DIY version is available since 2011 at News are published to Facebook at

Best Car Dealer Theme for WordPress

Car Dealer Theme by Semiomantics

Car Dealers Theme for WordPress Car Dealers have specific needs, similar to real estate dealers. While there are few well designed templates available out there, their performance does not live up to Semiomantics’ ambitions. For this reason we have boosted a nice design with custom and Semiomantics Optimization features. Custom Taxonomy Since WP 3 custom…

WP Best Destination Theme

WP Best Destination Theme New WordPress Theme at Semiomantics: the WP Best Destination Theme. The idea behind the development is to provide Websites focusing on local content. The test theme as shown here below, has been planned and strategically designed for the town of Vouliagmeni, Greece. Now you can create a comprehensive website for your…

WordPress 2.9 update on Semiomantics

WordPress 2.9 on Semiomantics WordPress 2.9 has been released just a few hours ago. This post details the impact of this most recent update on Semiomantics Scripts. What’s new in WordPress 2.9 – Server Requirements The first big change concerns server requirements: WordPress 2.9 Requires MySQL 4.1.2 or greater (old requirement was 4.0). WP 2.9…

Semiomantics XO Licenses

Semiomantics XO 2010 Licenses Limited Edition Semiomantics XO 2010 Limited Edition allows Web Site Developers to build sites based on the finest Script which has ever left the Semiomantics site smith. Semiomantics XO 2010 has been extensively tested by Ycademy Pros since September 2009 and the 2010 Release Candidate has been debugged since and completed…

Semiomantics Consulting for Web Development

Semiomantics Consulting for Web Development Semiomantics is expanding. Known for highly productive and performance oriented web development based on the WordPress CMS, Semiomantics is expanding it’s activity and capacities by associating to the venture a small number of selected and highly trained web developers, designers, project managers and consultants to assure long term customer satisfaction…