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How to Customize your WordPress Typography

Typography on WordPress

Basic CSS3 to Customize your WordPress Theme With the increasing browser compatibility of CSS3, additional customization of websites is in the reach of most anyone (Even a Monkey can do it, according to Nikos Advertizopoulos …). Tonight we will start with a series of calls to become familiar with the possibilities arising from the use…

The 1001 Faces of Semiomantics XO


XO for WordPress is a responsive, flexible and highly customizable Theme for high performance and excellence in publishing. Developed by Semiomantics since 2007, the XO is mainly used for custom High End sites. A DIY version is available since 2011 at http://semiomantics.com. News are published to Facebook at http://facebook.com/semiomantics.

XO Photo Press WordPress Theme


XO PhotoPress is a custom built WP theme based on the XO Framework from Semiomantics. It displays as well Photo Albums and Galleries as well as an integrated Blog; it also can serve as an image Aggregator displaying media in most any format and layout. The Theme is designed for Professional and non-professional use and can easily be used by individuals without advanced knowledge.

Semiomantics XO 2011 for WordPress

Semiomantics XO 2011 News After an intense Seminar, just a few thoughts and news pertaining to XO 2011. The schedule was dense and the program demanding, however I was surprised how well all participants were able to transform XO 2011. Flexible XO XO 2011 is a framework allowing to style WordPress without limits while keeping…

Glossy WordPress Theme Development

New Horizon for Elegant WordPress Themes Semiomantics innovative WordPress based website developments have explored a new level: a Glossy Elegant WordPress Theme based on the combination of the Semiomantics tuned Thesis Theme with Semiomantics Evolution Flash developments. The Idea behind the Project Semiomantics first priority in developing WordPress has always been the performance and SEO…

Best WordPress and Semiomantics

WordPress and Semiomantics Web Design Today just a clip with a Semiomantics Portfolio, mounted with Adobe Premiere Pro with just a few mouse-clicks. The interest of the experiment is in the use of images (screen-shots) in different sizes and resolutions, converted to a clip and encoded with H.264. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFAHYN1x8QA Best viewed in full-screen HD.

WordPress 3.0 and Semiomantics

Important Call Tonight: WordPress 3 and Semiomantics Semiomantics has been building the most powerful semantic publishing frameworks for the last 3 years, based on the WordPress platform. The new WordPress 3.0 release opens new doors for development, makes life easier for non professional editors and … increases the needs for advanced optimization. Why WordPress 3.0?…

Elegant WordPress by Semiomantics

Elegant Fonts on WordPress One of the main elements of the look of a site is the Typeface.  I am testing different solutions to force the desired font view. Helvetica on WordPress At present a Helvetica font is on display, visible even for visitors who do not have Helvetica installed on their computer. Multiple Elegant…

Elegant WordPress by Semiomantics 101

Elegant WordPress by Semiomantics The series of post initiated by this post is about editing an elegant WordPress powered Website. The idea is to create a symbiosis between the most powerful scripts from Semiomantics and Elegant web design with high class editing functions. The result will be a blog for users who want to dispose…