Web Design Basics

Photo Toning with Photoshop

20 Aug Ycademy Seminar August 2012

1. New Marketing Concept with Semiomantics XOMS The Ycademy August Seminar will focus on the new Marketing Concept using WordPress Multi-Site structures developed by Semiomantics. The new developments implement the most recent groundbreaking ideas when it comes to WordPress based semantic website development. Why a new Marketing...

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08 May Publish Your Own News Paper Online

Copyright © 2009 . Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/google-top-10.Sunny weather in Vouliagmeni. Contents Ycademy March Seminar for Beginners The March 2009 Seminar by Ycademy will be a new beginning for some and for others the logic continuation of what has been achieved so far. Beginners: You have an...

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28 May 3D Photoshop Exercise

Photoshop CS5 and 3D Photoshop CS5 provides some important improvements, amongst them a more developed 3D design engine. Here a quick sample of what can be done with just a few mouse-clicks: [caption id="attachment_15801" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Sample 3D in Photoshop"][/caption] Join us for a relaxed Ycademy Photoshop 3D intro...

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19 May Flash Components by Semiomantics

Semiomantics Flash Components for Ycademy May Seminar The upcoming Ycademy Seminar is focusing on Flash, Flash Components and user experience enhanced by Flash. The Seminar is designed for Website Designers and Developers, who want to take their skills to the next level. Find out more from...

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16 Apr Digital Photography Ycademy 10

Portrait Shooting Based on Digital Photography Ycademy 9 we are able to plan our pictures depth of field. The only remaining problem is: you may have a camera which does not allow for A settings (manual Aperture priority settings). Don't worry, there is a way to at least...

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16 Apr Digital Photography Ycademy 9

Portraits and Macro or The Magic of Depth of Field At the beginning, many photographers struggle with the concept of aperture and depth of field. I remember back in the 60ies when my dad ciselled the principles into my brain. He was shooting with a good old Leica I...

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14 Apr Digital Photography Ycademy 7

Working with Lightroom Presets Presets are of great help to adjust images in Lightroom. For easy editing it is necessary to get familiar with terminology and some technical features. Most Lightroom presets find their equivalent in Photoshop. Tonight at the Workshop we will play with some Lightroom...

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