The Garden Route

The Garden Route goes Live

The Garden Route a new Online Publication The Garden Route is the new online publication by Garden Route Publishing. The Purpose is to provide free online information about topics around the Garden Route as well as to be a useful tool for South Africans who would like to profit from the positive aspects of the…

Garden Route Classifieds Directory

Garden Route Classifieds Image

Garden Route Classifieds Directory The Garden Route Classifieds Directory has been rebuilt to satisfy the highest optimization standards. The site is the advertising arm of Lalakoi Publishing, allowing advertisers to reach high visibility on search engines, namely on Google. The Design and Purpose The design of the site is kept simple and functional. Buttons for…

Great Brak River Accommodation

Great Brak River Accommodation Our earlier post on the Great Brak River Accommodation facilities was in support of Graden Route Directory and to test different methods of tagging. Great Brak River Accommodation vs. Accommodation Great Brak River Under Great Brak River Accommodation our post was not to be seen on Google within 10 minutes, while…

Accommodation Great Brak River

Great Brak River Accommodation Resting Palms Bed and Breakfast

Resting Palms, Great Brak River Bed and Breakfast establisment is a brand new Bed and Breakfast in the town of Great Brak River. Great Brak River is between Mossel Bay and George and is ideal situated for holiday makers and business persons. Here you are only […]