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Ycademy Seminar August 2012

Photo Toning with Photoshop

1. New Marketing Concept with Semiomantics XOMS The Ycademy August Seminar will focus on the new Marketing Concept using WordPress Multi-Site structures developed by Semiomantics. The new developments implement the most recent groundbreaking ideas when it comes to WordPress based semantic website development. Why a new Marketing Concept Recent changes of the Google algorithm as…

How to shoot the Moon with a Point and Shoot Camera

Vouliagmeni Moon MAy 4, 2012

Vouliagmeni Moon Photo with Point and Shoot Camera Believe it or not, it is possible to shoot the Moon with an average point and shoot camera. In fact, for as long as you dispose of a reasonable optical zoom (300-400 mm equivalent) and the possibility to switch to manual settings, you should be able to…

Flowers from Vouliagmeni Beach

Vouliagmeni Flowers 4

Vouliagmeni Spring Flowers After a rather cold winter, it’s now getting warmer and sprouting all over the place in Vouliagmeni. Time for a stroll at the beach; the bright colors of the spring flowers attract men and bees. Here just a few images of what the beach is populated with these days: Hope you enjoy…

Photography: How to take Sunset Photos

Vouliagmeni Sunset

The impact of the number of focus/metering points Zoom and Vertical angle influence Color Range To illustrate yesterday’s training, here are 3 pictures I just shot out of the window with a point and shoot camera: This first example shows that the sun and the warm colors around represent a small amount of the total…

Super Yacht Octopus

Super Yacht Octopus

Paul G.Allen parking his Octopus in Vouliagmeni This morning, Paul G.Allan’s Super Yacht, the Octopus was parked in the nice bay of Vouliagmeni. The Co-Founder of Microsoft obviously knows where the world is best! The 126.18 meter long Yacht looks quite impressive in the bay. Considering that the boat was the largest private Yacht when…

How to Publish Digital Photos

30% JPEG for Web 27 Kb

Digital Photography and WordPress “How to Edit and Publish Digital Photos” is the focus of the Ycademy Online Seminar in July. 1. How to Edit Digital Photos Taking photos has become a relatively easy and cheap task with the proliferation of accessible digital cameras and mobile devices, such as smart-phones and tablets. Of course the…

Tumblog Test

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Tumblog test from iPhone App.Posted from Athens, Attica, Greece. Tumblog Test is a post from: iPhone 4 Photos All content Copyright © 2010 Yorgo Nestoridis. All rights reserved. Contact mail: iPhone (at)

Tumblog Test is a post from: iPhone 4 Photos
All content Copyright © 2010 Yorgo Nestoridis. All rights reserved.
Contact mail: iPhone (at)