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22 Nov Facebook Strategy with WordPress

10 Steps to Implement your Facebook Strategy with WordPress [toc] Implementing your Facebook Strategy will be at the center of the November Ycademy Seminar. This hands-on Seminar and Workshop will stretch over two days and build with participants an eye-ball-twisting Facebook presence. See the seminar schedule at...

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07 Oct Photo Publishing

Photo Publishing at its Best Photo Publishing has become a simple task, namely from mobile devices and by using free applications. Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and many others fight to grab your work to attract conversation to their sites. The problem is: all these free...

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06 Oct New Photo Publishing Hack

YORGOO Publishing aims for Google Top 10 YORGOO Publishing has a solid reputation to reach your desired Google Top 10 Position with most any text content. Google's improved image detection allows for similar semantic exploitation of photo content as for text. In collaboration with Semiomantics, YORGOO...

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23 Jun Blog for Money

How to set up a Money Making Blog We are looking at 4 essential elements needed to make money with your blog. 1. Traffic Where there are no visitors, there is no money. Traffic will depend on how well you communicate the existence of your content or how...

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22 Jun Google Top 10 with your Shop

Google Top 10 Ranking for your Shop New Ideas New Performance Is your shop ranking on Google Top 10? Under a relevant keyword? Can Search Engine Users find your shop on Google Top 10 when looking urgently for a product? Frameworks tuned to reach Google Top 10 Semiomantics has been...

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21 Jun Google Top 10 Formula

Google Top 10 Formula How to reach Google Top 10 Positions? Over the years we have come across many promising formulas to reach Google Top 10 Positions. Hype Promotion guaranteeing Google Top 10 position on any keyword is sent to your spam box daily and promising, well...

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13 Jun AuctionTalk Live and YORGOO Media

AuctionTalkLive and YORGOO Media When about 10 days ago AuctionTalkLive and namely the blaster at BiancaGubalke.AuctionTalkLive as well as YORGOO Media sub-domains disappeared from the radar on Google, we had t express our frustration, for once not publicly but behind the scenes. The result: both domains...

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12 Jun Make Money with YORGOO Press Seminar

YORGOO Press Widget Hooks Subsequent to Bianca's request we have set up a demo version of YORGOO Press, visualizing the various spots where widgets can be placed on the Home Page of YORGOO Press. WordPress vs YORGOO Press If you are used to WordPress standards, then you know...

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