Accommodation in George

Cheap Accommodation in George

Subsequent to our earlier post about George Accommodation I was wondering about the impact it would have on the best website about George Accommodation. Interestingly, Lalakoi Publishing’s George Accommodation jumped rapidly to Google top 10 (rank 7).

Accommodation in George

Checking out my stats, I found that the search term most used in this context were (broad search):

  • Accommodation in George
  • George Accommodation

I wanted to know more and did a quick keyword search and analysis to find that Accommodation in George gets about 135,000 monthly searches worldwide and about a quarter of that locally from South Africa, namely from the Western Cape region and then from Gauteng. The average cost per click is about 70 cents on Google.

The narrow search for “Accommodation in George” generates about 1,900 only monthly page-views on Google (down from 135,000 above) and returns 124,000 search results. While the broad search returns 61 million results.

George on Garden Route Publishing

George on Garden Route Publishing

These numbers may not mean a lot to you, but if you compare them with most accommodation related key-phrases, you may notice that this is pretty good. Comparatively much better than Athens! And here comes in in depth knowledge about local terminology and semantics: the word Accommodation in searches seems to be used more commonly in South Africa than elsewhere. (Yeah, I learned this from the insider Pro, Hanno Coetzee, Founder and owner of the Garden Route Directory.)

Best Accommodation in George Website and Information

My choice remains: the best George Accommodation website is Just contact them for any further inquiry and if you do business in George or along the Garden Route, you may want to get your site or business listed on the George Accommodation site as well. Insider tip: ask for the charming Christelle :-).

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