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05 Feb Hosting South Africa News

New Servers and new IP Addresses

During this week-end we have been preparing the migration of our hosting accounts to new servers which are now ready.

There are multiple reasons for the move, above all the goal to provide continued high performance WordPress hosting.

We take the opportunity to move towards new horizons by building a new, future oriented hosting business.


YoClo – YORGOO Cloud

YoClo will replace HSA and HIOD server clusters. This means that as soon as the migration is completed we will have to point all domains to the new name servers.

In as much as domains hosted with are concerned, we will implement the changes; if you use other domain hosts, you will need to adjust the settings on your respective domain hosting account.    becomes  becomes

Please check on your domain hosting account that these DNS settings are implemented.

Troubleshooting Session

In order to solve any problem arising from the move, we will hold a hosting troubleshooting session tonight at 7 pm London time at



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