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Astroblogy a Horoscope Project

Astroblogy – The Horoscope for Twisted Minds
Astroblogy is a new publishing little project I got involved in just because of Bianca Gubalke who is testing an Astrology and Horoscope related set-up involving a Semiomantics CS from ycademy.net and a bunch of YORGOO Blasters.
The Idea is to reach profile on search engines with “Horoscope” related key-words […]

Free Weekly Horoscope by YORGOO

New: YORGOO’s Free Weekly Horoscope

Vouliagmeni, February 9, 2009, by Yorgo Nestoridis

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="365" caption="Slave of Stars"][/caption]

YORGOO has just launched a new Web Service: Your Free Weekly Horoscope! The site is built on the Platform of Ycademy.net and testing a new Semiomantics S Script.

While formating of the framework is being completed, we expect the first Horoscope to be available later this week.

Have a look at the site and tell us what you think about the spirit, design or content :-).

Visit the Free Weekly Horoscope by YORGOO HERE.



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Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings What are Psychic Readings? There are different types of psychic and extra-sensory readings. Professional psychics may use one or more systems or methods which include: Distant Readings Psychometric Readings Aura Readings Tarot Reading Numerology Palm Reading Astrology Rune Reading Cartomancy or Playing Card reading and more. Meaning of Psychic Readings The word psychic…

Gemini Horoscope

New Gemini Horoscope by YORGOO’s Free Weekly Horoscope
February 10, 2009, by Yorgo Nestoridis, Vouliagmeni, Greece
Free Weekly Horoscopes by YORGOO finally publishes its free weekly forecast and advise for future oriented wannabe Horoscope victims, which so far has only be available to a selected few. Our Horoscopes are based on scientific research to exploit Mind Control […]