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08 Mar Elegant WordPress

Elegant WordPress Advanced editing features help to give each post its individual touch and feel. The present post will show some of the features built into this site for Elegant WordPress editing. Advanced Editing Features Fancy Header [fancy_header]This is a Fancy Header[/fancy_header] Drop Caps [dropcap1]1[/dropcap1] [dropcap1]2[/dropcap1] [dropcap1]A[/dropcap1] [dropcap1]B[/dropcap1]Lorem ipsum...

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05 Mar Elegant WordPress by Semiomantics 101

Elegant WordPress by Semiomantics The series of post initiated by this post is about editing an elegant WordPress powered Website. The idea is to create a symbiosis between the most powerful scripts from Semiomantics and Elegant web design with high class editing functions. The result will be...

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