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Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine Image

Enjoy your Valentine!

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I love Semiomantics XO

Semiomantics XO for High Performance and Flexibility Semiomantics XO is simply the best WordPress Theme Code!  I just love it’s performance and flexibility. There are so many ways to interpret WordPress when you use Semiomantics scripts, you have never finished re-inventing yourself. Yorgo Design on Semiomantics XO 2 days ago I registered the domain yorgodesign.com…

Global Sports US New Headers

Global Sports US New Headers Global’s new site will get new headers, based on pictures from London. Here below some samples. The study is about selecting the captivating frame and to add a simple Global logo to it in the top left corner. Global Headers At present we play with a hovering header background picture.…

Elegant WordPress

Elegant WordPress Advanced editing features help to give each post its individual touch and feel. The present post will show some of the features built into this site for Elegant WordPress editing. Advanced Editing Features Fancy Header [fancy_header]This is a Fancy Header[/fancy_header] Drop Caps [dropcap1]1[/dropcap1] [dropcap1]2[/dropcap1] [dropcap1]A[/dropcap1] [dropcap1]B[/dropcap1]Lorem ipsum…. Lorem ipsum… Lorem ipsum. Frames (Image…

Elegant WordPress by Semiomantics 101

Elegant WordPress by Semiomantics The series of post initiated by this post is about editing an elegant WordPress powered Website. The idea is to create a symbiosis between the most powerful scripts from Semiomantics and Elegant web design with high class editing functions. The result will be a blog for users who want to dispose…

Photoshop Borders Ycademy

Photoshop Borders Ycademy Tonight’s Ycademy call will deal with creating Borders in Photoshop. After the session about round corners, we will today look at some other types of borders which can be created with just a click of the mouse or two. We will create elliptic borders, ripples, sunken and raised borders, capsules, buttons and…