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20 May Cars Daily Chronicle

Daily Chronicle about Cars by Gene Line

Gene Line is a big keyword with over 62,000,000 search returns; Cars Daily Chronicle returns over 10 million and Daily Chronicle over 15,000,000. It's all in line with Gene! Building an online Publication is also building a new Brand, the...

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08 Oct Web Design Workshop by Ycademy

Web Design Workshop by Ycademy The Web Design Workshop by Ycademy helps participants to customize their web sites and to express them-selves with code poetry. CSS style-sheet editing and basic image editing are this week's topic. Here below is the status of some of the test sites: Web...

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09 Sep Web Design Workshop September 9, 2009

Web Design Workshop: Navigation (continued) Yesterday we started to look at the Navigation bars with focus on the horizontal category navigation. The script of the Workshop is published under Web Design Workshop Navigation. Today we will continue on the Category navigation, namely with the drop-down menu. Before...

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22 Aug NextGen Gallery on Ycademy Framework

NextGen Gallery on Ycademy Framework NextGen Gallery integration with the release candidate of the future Ycademy Framework was the topic of last night's Webmaster training. The recommended basic configuration of NextGen Gallery was easy to implement. The numerous widget hooks on the Ycademy Framework release candidate...

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