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AuctionTalk Live and YORGOO Media

AuctionTalkLive and YORGOO Media When about 10 days ago AuctionTalkLive and namely the blaster at BiancaGubalke.AuctionTalkLive as well as YORGOO Media sub-domains disappeared from the radar on Google, we had t express our frustration, for once not publicly but behind the scenes. The result: both domains are back, however we will need to fight to…

Make Money with YORGOO Press Seminar

YORGOO Press Widget Hooks Subsequent to Bianca’s request we have set up a demo version of YORGOO Press, visualizing the various spots where widgets can be placed on the Home Page of YORGOO Press. WordPress vs YORGOO Press If you are used to WordPress standards, then you know the widget tab onn the Dashboard. Usually,…

Ycademy Online Seminar BIG NEWS

Build your Shop on YORGOO Press Just released: Ycademy Online Seminar Participants build their personal and customized shop! YORGOO Press Development YORGOO Press the incredible Newspaper Framework by Semiomantics is adding an important feature for all those who want to make money online and with their website. The new module is a shop, or rather…

Interactive Video Blog News

Interactive Video Blog Media News Vouliagmeni, April, 30, 2009 – by Yorgo Nestoridis Interactive Video Blog on YORGOO Publishing Subsequent to yesterday’s test on Yorgo Nestoridis, we have integrated the same functionality at YORGOO Publishing and added the Semiomantics tuning scripts. YORGOO Publishing will allow us to proceed with additional tests namely concerning on the…

Work at Jelly Communication

Work at Jelly Communication Campaign This post wraps up the Campaign Results on Work at Jelly and Communication per Jelly. It demonstrated the Power of Online Publishing of Yorgo Nestoridis and associated sites in a 12 hour Keyword targeted Campaign. Keyword: Work at Jelly Profile: Google Search returns: 12,500,000 Our Google Rankings: 5, 6 and…

Publish Google Maps

Google Maps for your Online Publication The Development In a recent post we have tested the integration of Google Maps on the example of Vouliagmeni, Greece. Geography related content is a good reason to provide Maps. Since Google Maps with Satellite and Hybrid Views are available using the Google Maps API, they can be associated…

Media Marketing Publishing

Media Marketing Publishing by Auction Talk Live

YN – Just 4 days ago we changed the main keywords on Bianca Gubalke’s Auction Talk Live website to focus the Publication into a more contextual direction as well as to give it a broader spectrum for scattering keyword entries into search engines. At the same time Semiomantics Tuning was updated and a new layout and template were loaded.

The site focuses on Media Marketing, Communication and Publication by Bianca Gubalke and needed to be re-indexed by Google: we are on the right (fast) track as it seems.

Auction Talk Live shows up on rank 12 under Media Marketing Publishing on Google’s hit list of 22,600,000 search returns.

[caption id="attachment_816" align="alignnone" width="497" caption="Media Marketing Publishing on Google"]Media Marketing Publishing on Google[/caption]

We must be doing something right …!