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Garden Route Great Brak River

Copyright © 2011 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/yorgo-nestoridis/garden-route-great-brak-river/.Great Brak River South Africa Great Brak River Accommodation and Accommodation Great Brak River were two key-phrases Hanno Coetzee suggested this morning for a tagging test and contest. The issue was about: how to tag and publish in the most efficient way a post targeting people who are looking for accommodation in Great Brak River on the Garden Route in South Africa. I had told Hanno that I have been testing different methods recently and that I had some astonishing results with a ‘new’ or a different way of tagging bringing the Semiomantics tuning advantages yet to another level. To increase the challenge, I wanted to use a brand new blog, in fact I started posting from the blog we set up last night at during the Ycademy call. The site is at Africa YORGOO Media and if you check it out: the configuration of the site is not yet completed, however the basic Semiomantics set up on YORGOO Media gave me the necessary confidence to take the bet. The post content suggested by Hanno was a recent post on Garden Route Directory by Hanno Coetzee which we just copied […]

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Global Sports News

Copyright © 2011 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/yorgo-nestoridis/global-sports-news/.Global Sports News Global Sports powered by YORGOO Press and YORGOO Media The brand new Global Sports web site is progressing. Some new features have been added, namely flash banners for the header and a 120×600 skyscraper to feature snap shots from the life at Global Sports. New Media modules have also been installed. Global Sports Product Header The top flash banner consists of 4 header banners rotating using a flash rotator providing also the random shutter transitions. Global Sports Header image 1: Global Sports Header Image 2: Global Sports Header Image 3: Global Sports Header 4: To see the banners in original size, just click on any one of the images and navigate from the overlay browser. Global Sports new Home Page Look The look of the site changes completely with these dynamic elements. The header can be used to feature hot products, custom products, promos or any other item by just replacing the existing banners. (Full size view on click.) Global Sports People Display The Side banner is composed of 7 separate banners which are loaded to a flash rotator similar to the head banner. I will not […]

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How to Make Money with Images

Copyright © 2011 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/yorgo-nestoridis/how-to-make-money-with-images-101/.How to Make Money with Images My earlier article made it immediately to Google’s top 10 under “How to make money with images”: There are 129,000,000 search returns and one shut was enough to reach top 10 with YORGOO Publishing. Go to Google top 10 with YOUR YORGOO Publishing YORGOO Publishing is a Semiomantics site which has served as a playground for development over the last 15 month. The result is a highly visible site an any keyword targeted by YORGOO Publishing. You too can have a YORGOO Publishing site! There are two ways of getting one:either you get a Semiomantics YORGOO Publishing installed on your domain and host or you grab it from YORGOO Media. The advantage of your own site is clear: your domain, your full control; the disadvantage is also evident: the cost. The YORGOO Media solution has it’s advantages as well: the cost and the fact that you don’t have to care about any web master problems, hosting problems and such like. The disadvantage: you may not be able to give it an additional tweak, nor is it installed on your domain. Learn about the YORGOO […]

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How to Make Money with Images

Copyright © 2011 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/yorgo-nestoridis/how-to-make-money-with-images/.How to Make Money with Images Make Money with Images starts with the Display [nggallery id=1] To Make Money with Images associate a payment gateway with the image. In order to make money with images, you first need to enable visitors to see the images in a meaningful way. Attractive Display of Images To get the best out of pictures, make sure you use very good quality pictures and then display them in the most impressive way possible. Quality and Size matter! Take the above example: the top sideshow can be viewed in full screen mode and it will display great quality screen shots in large size. Associate a Payment Gateway to each Image If you are selling images or products represented by images, make sure you associate a payment button with the image, allowing the viewer to immediately proceed to the check out. In the above case there are PayPal Buttons associated with the images. Each button may have it’s own value allowing thus to specify prices individually for each picture of a gallery or slide show. Protect your Images: Watermarks Associate a watermark to each image, namely to […]

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Nike Kicks on Google by Semiomantics

Copyright © 2011 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/yorgo-nestoridis/where-to-buy-nike-kicks-in-london/.Nike Kicks invaded by Semiomantics When a few hours ago we reported about our targeting of Nike Kicks London, we immediately scored high on Google. Now Nike kicks London is just invaded: 8 of  the top 10 sites are Semiomantics sites part of our global publishing network. Nike Kicks London on Google Check out the results for Nike Kicks London: Any Questions about Semiomantics? Contact Bianca Gubalke at bianca (at)ycademy.com and find out how you too can get a Semiomantics Publishing Framework. Where to buy Nike Kicks in London? I will tell you in one hour; watch out for the incredible answer! Related posts:Nike Kicks in London Nike Kicks a hot Seller Global Sports US Business Market Watch London Evolution Business Market Watch London

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BuddyPress featured on YORGOO Blaster

Copyright © 2011 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/yorgo-nestoridis/buddypress-on-yorgoo-blaster-103/.BuddyPress powers YORGOO Blaster Vouliagmeni, May 10, 2009 by Yorgo Nestoridis BuddyPress new perspectives with YORGOO Blaster YN — YORGOO Blaster, the most efficient low cost Search Engine Marketing system has been hooked to BuddyPress in the YORGOO Media Framework. First admin tests are  on the way and here is an invitation for all users to set up and to test YORGOO Blasters on YORGOO Media. The fact to combine YORGOO Blaster with BuddyPress opens new perspectives, namely because of the way we handle syndicated authors: check out the  fast growing members list which gives an indication about the lead generation potential of YORGOO Media. But there is more, much more. YORGOO Media, BuddyPress and YORGOO Blaster a FIRST For the first time we have realized an application which combines high speed lead generation with high tocuh ads delivery. While in the past, lead generation was separated from product marketing, YORGOO Media sets a new milestone in online marketing and business development. Our numbers prove it and we will report about the progress over the next few days. Work from Home good News Home business developers and people working from […]

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Semiomantics XO Blog

How to Build and Run a Profitable Custom WordPress Website This blog is dedicated to Tips for building and running a profitable custom designed …

Top Photo Website Design

Milestone in Photo Web Design Evo2 by Semiomantics sets new Standards Evo2 by Semiomantics is what I would call the ideal script to present photos, images of all kinds, videos, audios, in short all kinds of media in the most generous and astonishing way. The beauty of the web design is just one asset; what’s […]

YB Web and Media Design
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Stock Photo Seagull on Google

Photo Stock Seagull Amazing. Before leaving for Astir Beach, I posted a Seagull Stock Photo sample to my blog. 10 minutes later when relaxing on my beach bed, I consulted Google and here is the result: Stock Photo Seagull We hit Google Top 10 with the post and two more sites from our network! See […]