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XO Photo Press WordPress Theme


XO PhotoPress is a custom built WP theme based on the XO Framework from Semiomantics. It displays as well Photo Albums and Galleries as well as an integrated Blog; it also can serve as an image Aggregator displaying media in most any format and layout. The Theme is designed for Professional and non-professional use and can easily be used by individuals without advanced knowledge.

Ycademy Online Seminar April 2011

Ycademy Online Seminar April 30 - May 1, 2011

WordPress for Beginners and Pros Our April 2011 Seminar will feature some important Updates as well as new ideas relating to WordPress and WordPress Design and Development. This Seminar is for WordPress Users, Designers and Developers as well. 1. WordPress Today WordPress Powers 10 % of the Web! Its continuous development and the very active…

WordPress Development Seminar

Ycademy Seminar January 2011

Ycademy January 2011 Online Seminar Back to work! After a busy 2010 and hopefully a good rest over the year end, let’s start 2011 with WordPress based Website Development using Semiomantics XO. After multiple exercises such as the Christmas site or the personal blog, we need to go into some more detail in as much…

Garden Route Classifieds Directory

Garden Route Classifieds Image

Garden Route Classifieds Directory The Garden Route Classifieds Directory has been rebuilt to satisfy the highest optimization standards. The site is the advertising arm of Lalakoi Publishing, allowing advertisers to reach high visibility on search engines, namely on Google. The Design and Purpose The design of the site is kept simple and functional. Buttons for…