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Ycademy Seminar Tickets

18 May Ycademy Online Seminar May 2011

The Ycademy May Seminar will focus on Facebook Marketing and on the best options to reach our Facebook Marketing goals using WordPress, namely the Semiomantics XO Framework and Theme....

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11 Aug Google Top 10 with your Photos and Media

Copyright © 2010 Yorgo Nestoridis. Visit the original article at http://yorgonestoridis.com/yorgo-nestoridis/editorial/blog-master-class/google-top-10-with-your-photos-and-media/.Your Photos take you to Google Top 10 Proper image tagging and publishing is beneficial for photographers and publishers. This applies for printed publications as well as for online publishing. Today when looking up my name on...

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04 Oct Transparent WordPress Theme Design

Transparent WordPress with Semiomantics XO Developing a transparent WordPress Based Photo Blog, I got inspired to use some elements in a Grunge environment. It’s creative, it’s fun, it’s the Semiomantics XO Theme for WordPress. Grunge Background The first step is to create a grunge background: This background is 1680...

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