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Ycademy Online Seminar December 2013

YORGOO Pro Publisher

YORGOO Publisher simply is the most advanced managed WordPress Publisher out there. No need to take care of hosting issues, updates, maintenance or hacks. It’s all included in this most optimized environment.

YorgoTalk August 15, 2013


Google Recommendations for Mobile Websites Tonight’s call will focus on Google’s Recommendations and Best Practices for Mobile Webs. We will look into: Markup, Validation and Emulation as well as resources.

Semiomantics XR – Responsive WordPress Theme

XR Responsive Theme for WordPress

XR – New Responsive Universal WordPress Theme Semiomantics is releasing its new flagship theme, the XR for WordPress. The time is right to move on and to take advantage of the most recent WordPress and browser developments. Influenced by the broad acceptance of HTML5 and CSS3, boilerplate developments and bootstrap as well as easy outsourcing…

How fast is your Website?

Loading Speed YORGOOPublishing

Test the Load Time of your Website Load Time and SEO Website Loading Speed is one of the criteria search engines are looking at when judging our web pages. Optimization of loading times is therefore a must for high performance websites, such as the commercial versions of Semiomantics XO for WordPress. Here below are some…

Ycademy Seminar January 2013


Mobile Apps Apps will be the big topic of 2013, mainly because there is a major shift of web traffic towards the mobile web and consequently traffic harvesting will be more efficient through apps than through browser based websites. The Ycademy January Seminar will focus on Apps Basics and different ways to convert WordPress blogs…

Vouliagmeni by Night Images

Vouliagmeni Church by Night Image

Vouliagmeni by Night with Full Moon Early this morning. The full moon was announced for 6:18 a.m. and the moon set for about an hour later, just before sun rise. What a good reason to get up early and to get into position on the roof terrasse of the house. A shot at the Moon…

WordPress 3.4.1 and Semiomantics XO

Semiomantics XO

WordPress 3.4.1 Update After over 3 million downloads of WordPress 3.4 a security and maintenance update is ready for download. Version 3.4.1 takes care of 18 bugs and some other issues such as theme compatibility issues. If you are using any of the Semiomantics Themes and if you are running on WP 3.4, please update…

How to build a Custom WordPress Site 3

Semiomantics XO Custom Magazine for WordPress

Customizing WordPress Child Theme In this tutorial we will create Custom Post Types and add variables and functionality to them. Also we will add some styling for more user-friendly display in the dashboard. Having set up our basic Child Theme structure we will now proceed with the customization. But before that we will do some…

How to build a Custom WordPress Site 2

Semiomantics XO for WordPress - Custom Magazine

Build a Custom WP with Semiomantics XO This post focuses on setting up our Main Theme and a Child Theme. For the purpose of this exercise we will use Semiomantics XO as the parent theme because it’s flexible, user-friendly and highly optimized. In fact you can use most any decent WP theme to follow this…