Fresh Fish in Vouliagmeni

26 Apr Fresh Fish in Vouliagmeni

Fresh Fish in Vouliagmeni – Varkiza

To get away from the computer ahead of yesterday’s Ycademy online Seminar , I went for a stroll at the picturesque fishing port of Varkiza next to Vouliagmeni .

I have brought back some nice pics as well as a short clip demonstrating what we mean when we talk about fresh fish :-).

Fish MArket in Varkiza

Zoom Burst on the Picture below

I have shot with a small point and shoot Leica C-Lux 3. To make it a bit more difficult for the Cam I took some distance and zoomed into the scene. The cam shoots 30 fps in HD QuickTime .mov format. I have pulled it to Windows Live Movie Maker , then to Adobe Media encoder before loading the clip to YouTube . At YouTube you can watch the clip in various formats up to 1080 p HD!

Even after YouTube compression, the result remains suprisingly good considering that the cam comes with the size of a credit card and is less thick than 1 inch.

Fresh Fish in Vouliagmeni - Varkiza

Fresh Fish in Varkiza

While the Windows Movie has a file size of over 23 MB, the flash compression as used by YouTube reduces the size to below 1 MB, while preserving HD Quality.

See YouTube HERE.


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