Yorgo Nestoridis

Vouliagmeni Lake, Greece

08 May Test Post

Test Post       Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer Nam Vestibulum quis Lorem eu. Nulla elit sagittis urna est adipiscing purus adipiscing fringilla egestas tortor. Nunc interdum congue lorem elit Donec non tempor dolor tellus vitae. Egestas In consectetuer felis pretium in iaculis...

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XR Responsive Theme for WordPress

08 Apr Semiomantics XR – Responsive WordPress Theme

XR - New Responsive Universal WordPress Theme Semiomantics is releasing its new flagship theme, the XR for WordPress. The time is right to move on and to take advantage of the most recent WordPress and browser developments. Influenced by the broad acceptance of HTML5 and CSS3, boilerplate...

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Ycademy Online Seminar Feb 2013

18 Feb SEO and Speed for WordPress

Ycademy Seminar February 2013 [toc] The upcoming Ycademy Online Seminar will focus on Search Engine Optimization and Loading Speed of self-hosted WordPress based websites, and particularly on sites powered by Semiomantics developments. While WordPress remains one of the most popular platforms for online publishing, the way it needs to be...

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Draft negative

11 Feb YORGOO Limited Branding

YORGOO Limited Logo Contest Last Friday, we announced the contest for the creation of the YORGOO Limited Logo and Name Branding.  The rules and expectations are as follows: YORGOO Limited Logo The logo should satisfy the following basic criteria: The logo should be: simple yet understandable memorable timeless Scalable and functional Relevant and appropriate What is YORGOO? Legally...

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