Hosting South Africa YORGOO Blaster

Hosting South Africa Theme

In view of the campaign and the release of Hosting South Africa we are working on a YORGOO Blaster Theme for the purpose of promoting the affiliate links of Hosting South Africa.

Inspired by Bianca Gubalke’s great Graphics, Zibog Roy has come up with a new theme for YORGOO Blaster. The Theme is completely focused on Hosting South Africa and  YORGOO Blaster.


Hosting South Africa YORGOO Blaster Theme

Hosting South Africa YORGOO Blaster Theme

Have a look at the Demo version at


The theme is designed for the upcoming promotion of the Affiliate Program built in support of Hosting South Africa. It sounds like a good idea to start grabbing Google Positions in relevant keyword areas as from now.

Please leave your comment if you are interested in getting this theme, we may make it available for free in the customers area and write up a customization guide.


YORGOO Blaster

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