Semantic Art More Nonsense

Semantic Art News or Blue Bananas

What sense does it make to post about Semantic Art?

Or better, what sense does it make to associate your name to Semantic Art?

What is Semantic Art

Semantic Art is not a term with any semantic significance or with a Wikipedia or Encyclopedia entry. Semantic Art is a term used by some forked github, ruby and Sinatra freak for his web site domain and name.

Semantic Art by Bianca Gubalke

It seems, Bianca just needed a toy to play with, a keyword to target for Fun and fun it is… but still nonsense like Blue Bananas ( which happens to refer to a brand), Pink Hamsters or such like.

To get on top of Google with a No Expression or a key-phrase without semantic definition is like creating a new brand, for example your product brand. Example: Semiomantics we created last year and which returns some 11,800 search results on Google and no wonder we find our Bianca there as well:


Semiomantics on Google

Semiomantics on Google

You start with zero as Semiomantics or with some returns depending on the term you use like on “Semantic Art” or “Communication per Jelly”and you build the notion, the meaning of the new term. It’s like inventing a new language if you do it over and over again.

Semantic Communication

… is when both speak the same language and understand the meaning of  words and their use in a similar way.



Semantic Art Image

Semantic Art Image

By the way, look at the picture, Piu-Piu is a male and Bianca is talking.  The question is: who has more words left at the end of the day…:-). From history we know that Piu-Piu has passed away* or followed some more feathered female. Too bad because it would have been interesting to interview him about Semantic Art.

Semantic Art Authority

Bianca Gubalke is THE authority in the matter, well rendered by Google. I am sure we will see more of it, even if “Semantic art is Form of painting associated primarily with the Italian artist Luciano Lattanzi and the German Werner Schreib”.

Semantic Message vs Pragmatic Message

Semantic Message for Felisa:   £ ¥ € $ ω ∫ Λ Ξ Ψ $$$



Pragmatic Message for Bianca: all the above and below :-).

Love it!

*Unconfirmed sources claim Piu-Piu has passed on Nikos Advertizopoulos’ BBQ.


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  1. June 11, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    My student reeeivcd support from the SLP and also reeeivcd counseling. They worked on things like looking at pictures of facial expresisions and learning what they mean. He was also in a group with other students who need guidance with their social skills. They did a lot of role playing, too.

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