SEO and Speed for WordPress

Ycademy Online Seminar Feb 2013

18 Feb SEO and Speed for WordPress

Ycademy Seminar February 2013


The upcoming Ycademy Online Seminar will focus on Search Engine Optimization and Loading Speed of self-hosted WordPress based websites, and particularly on sites powered by Semiomantics developments.

While WordPress remains one of the most popular platforms for online publishing, the way it needs to be configured for optimized impact has changed over the years. Important changes on the Google algorithm in 2012 and the resulting consequences have been felt by many webmasters.

In order to help customers to get the best out of their websites, it is important to understand the way Google perceives and evaluates websites and their content.

 The Purpose of the WP SEO Seminar

The purpose of the Ycademy WP SEO Seminar is to

Ycademy Online Seminar Feb 2013

  • Learn about the most recent modifications of Google’s evaluation criteria.
  • Learn how to set-up, structure, organize and optimize a new WordPress website
  • Improve SEO on existing websites
  • Implement basic SEO features
  • Implement advanced SEO features

 Basic Optimization

  • Optimizing Titles
  • Optimizing Permalinks
  • Optimizing Meta-tags
  • Optimizing Media
  • Sitemap

Theme Optimization

We are looking specifically at Semiomantics XO for WordPress. As the theme contains basic Optimization elements, we will just look at some optional advanced features which are part of custom optimization at Semiomantics.

Advanced SEO

  • Duplicate content
  • Strip unnecessary links, calls and requests
  • Optimize the site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Tag related problems
  • Comments and how to optimize them
  • Conversion, sign-ups, feed readers

Off site Optimization

  • Social Networks
  • Related content sites
  • Conversation

Measure your impact

Measure your impact and improve where needed as an ongoing process.

Recommended Plugins for SEO and Speed

We will have a close look at the most efficient combination of plug-ins which can be used on most any WordPress site to considerably improve performance.


Saturday and Sunday 23./24. February 2013, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. London Time


We will build a new website structured for high performance as we go through the curriculum. In fact, the whole seminar will be one big huge workshop. The new site will be not just a sandbox, but also a  model for further custom developments.


On Sunday we will focus on implementing new features on participants’ main websites. Modifying existing sites is more time consuming and depending on the content may pass the time we have available during the week-end. That is why we will offer support for the implementation issues beyond the seminar.


To register, please click on the topmost image and get your ticket. Discounts for Ycademy pros as usual – please mail Bianca at bianca(at)

I am looking forward to one of the most interesting and important WordPress related seminars we have ever produced. While the above schedule may sound technical, the reality will show you simple to implement improvements with quickly measurable impact.



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    An online seminar that should be attended by anyone wanting to improve their performance online.

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    Sounds like REAL business :)

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